Transgender Pelvic Floor Health with Sally Huber, FPMRS

Episode 14

Transgender Pelvic Health with Sally Huber, FPMRS

In Episode 14, Erin Everett, NP-C, interviews Dr. Sally Huber, a Urogynecologist specializing in pelvic floor health. During the episode, the two discuss how Dr. Huber creates a safe space to serve the LGBTQIA community, as well as the treatment of Transgender patients who need gynecological exams, contraceptives, and pelvic care post-reconstructive surgery.

About This Episode

In episode fourteen of Exclusively Inclusive, Erin Everett, NP-C, interviews Dr. Sally Huber of Advanced Gynecology in Atlanta, Georgia. Dr. Huber is a Urogynecologist who, after completing her residency at Emory University, completed a fellowship program in Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive surgery at Weill Graduate School of Medicine.

During her fellowship, Dr. Huber was awarded a NIH Funded Grant for her research in pelvic floor conditions in Transgender women. Dr. Huber also headed a nationwide collaborative to generate longterm applications that improve the quality of care for Transgender women after surgery.

During the episode, the two discuss a variety of topics related to Dr. Huber’s practice, including her commitment to helping the LGBTQIA community and the measures her practice takes to create a safe space for everyone to receive gynecological care. She also highlights the importance of HPV and cervical cancer/dysplasia screenings of Transgender males.

Later on in the episode, the two discuss contraceptive options for Transgender men including IUDs, and Nexplanon implants, as well as the physical changes that occur in Transgender men who are undergoing Testosterone hormone therapy. Among the physical changes discussed include thinning of the vaginal tissue, cessation of the menstrual cycle, and the use of vaginal estrogen for patients who want to maintain the ability to have vaginal intercourse.

Rounding out the episode, Dr. Huber discusses pelvic care considerations for Transgender females who undergo reconstructive surgery and how she is able to assist her patients as they adjust to life with their new genitalia. Among the post-operative topics discussed are bladder health and urinary incontinence, infection, prostatitis, and pelvic floor tone.

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