Episode 20: Gender Affirming Surgeries with Gabriel Del Corral, MD, FACS

Episode 20

Gender Affirming Surgery with Dr. Gabriel Del Corral

In Episode 20, Erin Everett, NP-C, interviews Dr. Gabriel Del Corral, a board certified plastic surgeon from Baltimore who specializes in gender affirming surgery. During the episode, the two discuss various gender affirming surgery topics including preparation, outcomes, and recovery post procedure. Surgeries covered in the episode include vaginoplasty, phalloplasty, facial feminization, and more.

About This Episode

In episode twenty of Exclusively Inclusive, Erin Everett, NP-C, welcomes gender affirming surgeon Dr. Gabriel Del Corral to the show. Double board certified by the American Board of Surgery and the American Board of Plastic Surgery, Dr. Gabriel Del Corral is an Assistant Professor of Plastic Surgery at Medstar Georgetown University Hospital in the Baltimore / Washington DC area. Dr. Del Corral performs over 400 breast surgeries and over 200 gender affirming surgeries each year.

During the episode, Erin and Dr. Gabriel Del Corral discuss a litany of topics related to gender affirming surgery including facial feminization procedures such as brow ridge, forehead setback, rhinoplasty, and jaw line feminization. Dr. Del Corral also discusses the variability of what facial feminization patients need, surgical limitations, as well as cost and insurance considerations for gender affirming surgeries.

Later in the episode the two discuss gender affirming vaginoplasty and pre-existing health conditions that may impact a person’s candidacy for the surgery such as prostate cancer that makes it difficult to construct the vaginal canal, as well as smoking and high BMI rates that would impact wound healing. The two go on to discuss the differences between vaginoplasty and vulvoplasty gender affirming surgeries and sexual function and ability to orgasm post-operation.

Further in the episode, Erin and Dr. Del Corral discuss gender affirming phalloplasty and metoidioplasty procedures and Dr. Del Corral’s process for constructing the new genital area, as well as urethral function and expectation of sensation post-procedure. Dr. Del Corral also covers the future of phalloplasty and other gender affirming surgeries and the number of surgeries that will be necessary to achieve the patient’s desired results.

Rounding out the episode, Dr. Del Corral covers different types of vaginoplasty surgeries including standard, colonic, and peritoneal procedures, as well as risk and treatment of STDs in the neo-vagina and the need for speculum exams. Dr. Del Corral also emphasizes the need for patients to do their research on the gender affirming surgeon they select to work with, as their surgeon will be alongside them for several years to come during their journey.

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Gender Affirming Surgery with Dr. Gabriel Del Corral

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  1. I really did enjoy listening to dr Gabriel corral the fact he really cares about his patients is so so amazing. In the next year I have decided to do bottom surgery after top surgery but I am still doing all of my research before doing consultation. Erin I love your podcast you’re amazing and I did find a great place to start my transition… Thankyou!

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