HRT Drugs for Transgender: Fenway Institute Conference Recap

Episode 4

Fenway Recap on HRT Drugs for Transgender

In Episode 4, Erin recaps topics from a 3-day conference she attended called “Advancing Excellence in Transgender Health,” put on by the Fenway Institute in Boston. The conference was rich with the latest information on medications prescribed for Transgender Hormone Replacement Therapy. HRT drugs for transgender topics include Estradiol, Spironolactone, Casodex (Bicalutamide), and Prometrium.

About This Episode

During episode four of Exclusively Inclusive with Erin Everett, NP-C, your host gives a recap of a continuing education conference she attended in Boston held by the Fenway Institute called Advancing Excellence in Transgender Health.

During the 3-day conference (November 1-3, 2019), Erin listened to speakers from not just the Fenway Institute but also gender diverse community members who shared talks on implicit bias, as well as discussed their own (sometimes horrifying) experiences with receiving healthcare.

Highlights of Episode 4 include critically important information presented by Fenway Institute staff on HRT drugs for transgender medicine and new findings regarding the impact of these medicines on patients. Important topics Erin discusses that you absolutely must hear include:

  • Hormone therapy and liver toxicity
  • Estradiol and blood clots and cholesterol
  • Testosterone and diabetes, high blood pressure, and kidney damage
  • Testosterone and vaginal atrophy and the use of Estrace cream
  • Sprionolactone side effects
  • Casodex (Bicalutamide) and liver toxicity
  • Prometrium (Progesterone) and breast development and libido

Fenway Recap on HRT Drugs for Transgender

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